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About Us

About us

zzz-mart is fastest growing online grocery store. We are a web-based marketplace for groceries, produce, cut vegetables, ready-to-eat foodstuffs, homeware, health & beauty products, pet care essentials and much more. We are committed to streamlining your daily shopping experience with fresh products, top brands and spot-on delivery. At zzz-mart, all our shoppers are guaranteed quality, responsible logistics and round-the-clock customer service. Our online shop showcases more than 5000 products at low margins, slashed prices and offers. All of these products are ready for checkout with cash-on-delivery and online payment through banks or popular e-wallets. zzz-mart is bringing quality, technology and accessibility under one platform for all your home needs.

The zzz-mart online grocery application ensures a ton of quality products made available for purchase at a touch. This simply means you no longer have to go through the tedious process of shopping at your neighbourhood convenience store. With a few minutes spent on the app, you can easily make your choices, order them to your address and pay instantly or at the time of delivery.zzz-mart

At zzz-mart, timely delivery is something that we strictly adhere to. Our zero-compromise policies of service assure a high quality of products and customer understanding. The zzz-mart app has been serving thousands of customers in Kochi with consistent positive feedback, changing the way you shop everyday!

How it works

Using zzz-mart is as easy as one, two and three. First and foremost, download the zzz-mart app or logon to the zzz-mart website where you can browse through various products or search for a particular item. An option to add products to the shopping cart is always visible on screen. Once you are done, you will be directed to the address and delivery screen which contains fields to input an address. Here, you will also be able to choose a suitable time for delivery. Soon after, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Choose your method of payment, cash, card or e-wallets and then, simply, wait for your doorbell to ring!

zzz-mart will deliver to your house the same day as your order. This lets you get on with the rest of your day’s work without the need to rush to the nearby supermarket. Our fast delivery times also take care of unwanted hassles such as queueing at the counter, dealing with incompetent shop floor workers and fuel costs for traffic jams.

zzz-mart’s easy replacement policy protects your claim to good quality and value for money. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction about a particular product and its quality, packaging, freshness or price, he/she may raise a dispute with the zzz-mart customer service team. The customer has the option of replacing the product or opt for an immediate refund. This ensures a smooth customer journey from start to finish, without distress.

Overview of team

The workforce at zzz-mart is committed towards seamless operation of both the customer viewed front end platform and backend routines. With complete focus on providing accessible grocery at your fingertips, the zzz-mart team has been working tirelessly for achieving a 100% customer satisfaction, following strict guidelines and food industry standards.

Back-end processes such as stock management, logistics, app development and website maintenance are carefully looked into by experienced professionals. Apps are always swamped with a large amount of data from users. This is managed through state-of-the-art servers and efficient techniques of data management by zzz-mart’s coding team.

Ensuring the availability of popular products to customers during peak times is a difficult task. This is made easy with the help of management personnel, warehouse workers and a fleet of drivers. zzz-mart’s 24 hour customer service line is another important division that functions without fail to maintain an invaluable customer response time.

Vision and mission

zzz-mart is the face of innovation in the food & retail sector. The company has been developing and updating the app based on user experience, slowly marching towards the vision of nationwide expansion. zzz-mart has envisioned a future of serving a million customers throughout India by engaging in untapped yet promising cities and adapting to changes in competition, technology, logistics and demand.

Faced with the mission of expanding its delivery system pan India, zzz-mart is strategizing long term goals with an expert panel of management executives. Online grocery shopping is a vast domain in a competitive sector. And, at present, zzz-mart is leading the way with promise, for both its competition and customers.

Why choose us

zzz-mart is changing the way you shop, one click at a time. With the zzz-mart app, you can conveniently browse through a variety of products and order to your doorstep from wherever you are. The zzz-mart app is always the easier option compared to stepping out to the local store. You wouldn’t need to be stuck in traffic or carrying bags that weigh down your shoulders. Neither will you be standing for hours waiting for the order to be scanned, paid for and packed. As Kerala’s fastest growing online supermarket, we have everything that you are looking for and more!

The user interface for our online platforms were developed with the sole aim of facilitating the customer journey. From the start, where the customer scans for products, to the end, where they receive the order, zzz-mart ensures that all stages are user friendly and interactive. For a satisfying user experience, we have an app development team that ceaselessly monitors user activity to integrate any possible changes that can help the customer.

zzz-mart’s list is in excess of 5000 different products from some of the world’s leading brands. Be it meat, fish and dairy products or kitchen and home essentials, zzz-mart has sufficient stock of all items on display. Unmatched product quality at marginal prices is a guarantee for all our customers. Also, with delivery locations covering the entire city of Kochi, zzz-mart is creating the next big wave in Kerala’s online grocery shopping market.


At zzz-mart, we have a team of dedicated individuals that comprise stock attendants, drivers, programmers, designers, managers, etc., all of whom are selflessly bound to the company’s heritage and vision. These employees work together for creating value to the business and its consumers, bringing about a balanced ecosystem that nurtures in-house talent and promotes company culture.

As a reflection of the rapidly changing market scenario, the opportunities within zzz-mart are always challenging, driving the workforce to the best of their talent, work ethic and perseverance. The career paths of many of our employees is proof of their commitment and our guidance in the long run.

If you are looking to work in a fast growing, multicultural and enthusiastic environment, we surely have a place for you. zzz-mart is helping young, skilled individuals achieve success through a comprehensive learning curve in the retail sector.

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